Racer Boy -24 Hours of LeMons: Endurace Racing for the Financially and Mentally Challenged

You’ve read about it in all the car magazines and you’ve been to the 24 Hours of LeMons website a hundred times, obsessively pouring over the rules.  It’s the endurance road racing series for $500 cars.  You’ve commented on numerous forums that “someday, if you can get a team together, you want to do LeMons.”  Stop blowing bench racing smoke up everybody’s ass.  Find a piece of crap car (that runs unlike a piece of crap), make four new friends (one with money, one who can weld, one who can fix motors and one who has a car trailer) and get yourself to the biggest thing happening in the world of motorsports.  The 24 Hours of LeMons is absolutely the coolest thing you will ever do in an automobile.

To learn about cost, car preparation, adrenaline factor and how to actually win LeMons, read the rest at Speed Sport Life.

KriderRacing38's 2010 Acura CL


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