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Fresno Fiesta!

October 31, 2009

Who needs the L.A. Auto Show or SEMA when you can have the 2010 Central California Auto Show presented by Motor Trend? If you like built Mustangs and insane tuner cars go to SEMA. But if you want to see the 2010 Chrysler Town and Country minivan complete with dual rear view mirrors (one for traffic and one for the little booger eaters in the back seat) then come to the show in Fresno. If you like half naked models draped over chrome 27 inch wheels go to SEMA. However, if you want to go to a car show where there are almost no women but Chevrolet hired a magician to explain how the Chevy Volt works, come to the show in Fresno. But the piece de resistance at the Fresno show was the Ford Fiestas that they let anyone with a fake ID beat on, I mean, test drive. The Fiestas were the European spec cars and zipped around downtown Fresno pretty well. They handled good enough to easily slalom around homeless people’s shopping cars the brakes seemed adequate when a crack crazed prostitute suddenly stepped into the street. The American version of the car is slated for 2011.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL


Racer Boy – Time Attack!

October 26, 2009

Sure, we all know that you would probably be racing in F1 already if there wasn’t that small complication about you not having a racing license. Guess what? Your endless excuses are now null and void. Time Attack is a venue where a regular guy (or gal) can go out and race on the big tracks. That’s right, no parking lot racing here. These events are held on real race tracks that you’ve been reading about in magazines and playing on Gran Turismo for years.

Time Attack is a timed racing event where you take your car onto the track, do your best impression of Aryton Senna on a qualifying lap, and try to put down a blisteringly fast time. Your best lap time is compared to that of people in your class (similar cars, similar mods). The one with the fastest lap time picks up a trophy and never ending glory.

Time Attack is something YOU can do in your own ride. To learn where, cost, car preparation, adrenaline factor and how to actually win a Time Attack read the rest at Speed Sport Life.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Car Domain Member Finalist In Shell V-Power “Fuel My Passion” Contest

October 20, 2009

The orange 1969 Baja Bug of Car Domain member KriderRacing38 is a finalist in the Shell V-Power “Fuel My Passion” contest and has a chance to win a years worth of gasoline. Based on the photo and ride page it appears that the credit would be used on a years worth of racing gasoline.

Now that the judges at Shell have narrowed down the field it is time for you to vote to decide the winner. Think of it as American Idol for cars. When you’re voting, remember to hook up a fellow Car Domain member by voting for the Orange Bug in the “Other Premium Rides” catagory.

You can vote once a day (and have the chance to win $50 each day just by voting) from October 20th until November 3rd, 2009 at Shell V-Power Fuel My Passion.

KriderRacing38s 2010 Acura CL

Racer Boy – Rallycross “Let’s get dirty, Baby!”

October 10, 2009

So, you watched Travis Pastrana in his Subaru at the X Games and now you’re convinced that you can get your Mom’s Outback at least six feet off the ground if you were just given a dirt jump and the chance. Well, it’s time to put down your PS3 game controller, turn off MotorStorm, and borrow a helmet. Rallycross is the closest thing you’re probably going to get to the X games without any money or talent.

Rallycross is something YOU can do in your own ride. To learn where, cost, car preparation, adrenaline factor and how to actually win a Rallycross read the rest at Speed Sport Life.

KriderRacing38's 2010 Acura CL

Racer Boy -24 Hours of LeMons: Endurace Racing for the Financially and Mentally Challenged

October 9, 2009

You’ve read about it in all the car magazines and you’ve been to the 24 Hours of LeMons website a hundred times, obsessively pouring over the rules.  It’s the endurance road racing series for $500 cars.  You’ve commented on numerous forums that “someday, if you can get a team together, you want to do LeMons.”  Stop blowing bench racing smoke up everybody’s ass.  Find a piece of crap car (that runs unlike a piece of crap), make four new friends (one with money, one who can weld, one who can fix motors and one who has a car trailer) and get yourself to the biggest thing happening in the world of motorsports.  The 24 Hours of LeMons is absolutely the coolest thing you will ever do in an automobile.

To learn about cost, car preparation, adrenaline factor and how to actually win LeMons, read the rest at Speed Sport Life.

KriderRacing38's 2010 Acura CL

Beetleball: Long Beach to Las Vegas

October 8, 2009

Remember the movie Cannonball Run (back when Burt Reynolds had a full head of hair)?  It was bad ass cars and mad men drivers on an all out road race across America’s highway system.  Well, Beetleball has the same concept, only the bad ass cars have been replaced with air cooled Volkswagens.  Good news for the drivers, it’s hard to get a Volkswagen to go fast enough to get thrown in jail.  The Beetleball Long Beach to Las Vegas Endurance Rally was run October 3, 2009.  Nobody was imprisoned but a few VW motors died trying.  You can read live coverage (now on Memorex) here at Jalopnik

KriderRacing38's 2010 Acura CL